Jun 24, 2009

HTC’s Hero Handset Powered by Android

HTC’s Hero AndroidGoogle’s Android mobile operating system finally showed its hand as a serious competitor to the iPhone today.

At a press event in London, HTC unveiled its new Hero handset powered Android. HTC android has sleek good looks with extreme power.

Its main features are, and auto focus camera of 5.0 mega pixel, AssistedGPS, digitally powered compass , gravity sensor , 3.5mm stereo headset jack and MicroSD memory that is expandable, where as the hardware is best as that of old Android handsets. To make it stay clean it’s coated with Teflon.


Jun 22, 2009

Cindy Crawford - Vogue Spain (July 2009) - LQ Magazine Scans

Cindy CrawfordCindy Crawford magazine scans from Vogue Magazine’s Spain edition for the month of July 2009. Here are some LQs of Cindy from magazine.


Jun 21, 2009

Jun 19, 2009

Xbox - Xbox 360 Project Natal - "You" are the Controller

XboxYes, it's real. Now you'll be able to change a tire... virtually. At E3 today, Microsoft finally took the wraps off the that rumored motion controller we'd been hearing about. Apparently the small, black device -- codenamed "Natal" -- will allow for an astoundingly wide range of actions by utilizing a group of sensors (the box itself sits beneath your TV), and the accessory will be capable of juggling multiple users during a single session. The demo Microsoft showed off included a skateboarding game (replete with a young man "air" ollie-ing), and a family playing a racing game (the dad was changing a tire, the daughter driving). Check out the awesome Video for Project Natal

Katrina sizzles at FHM magazine June 09 - Professional Photo Session

Katrina Kaif FHM magazine Professional Photo SessionKatrina Kaif sizzles on the latest issue of FHM Indian Issue. Katrina kaif posed hot with curl hair and sleaveless top to FHM India Issue.

Katrina Kaif FHM magazine Professional Photo Session

Avril Lavigne at the Set of “Black Star” Fragance Commercial - Professional Photo Session

Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne stars in this commercial for her first fragrance Black Star, which also includes a theme song, if you will, for the perfume. Whatever keeps them checks rollin' in!

Avril Lavigne

Rihanna becomes Sugababes’ “fourth member”

RihannaSinger Rihanna has become a mentor to English girl pop group the ‘Sugababes’. The group, which involves Keisha Buchanan, Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah, calls the ‘Umbrella’ girl as “fourth member” of their group.


Jun 15, 2009

The Basic Total Body Workout

firm body workoutA total body workout is an excellent way to keep in shape and stay healthy. This type of routine is designed to exercise your entire body rather than just specific body parts. Because of the simplicity, these types of workouts are easier to maintain and can get you in and out of the gym quickly. In this article, we will cover a basic total body workout. As always, please check with your doctor before engaging in any exercise routine.

firm body workout

Scarlett Johansson HQ Magazine Scans – Elle Magazine (June 2009)

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johnson (born 1985) also known as Scarlett Alice Johnson is a British actress best known for playing the role of Vicki Fowler on the BBC's flagship soap opera EastEnders.

Johnson attended Highgate Wood School and Performing Arts College. She is educated to A Level standard, but had originally planned to continue her education at a drama school. She was first spotted by an agent in a student production of Guys and Dolls in which she played the lead.

Scarlett Johansson

Jun 14, 2009

Crossover Glute Stretch

Crossover Glute Stretch Exercis

DescriptionLaying down glute stretch.Equipment Used: NoneMuscles Used: Buttocks (gluteus maximus and medius)While keeping your shoulders pinned (outstretch the opposite hand to assist), pull your knee across your body and push it into the ground. Hold for 15-30s and switch.Notes:You can extend this stretch by holding for 5-10s, releasing, and then trying to push a little bit further. Do that a few...

Crossover Glute Stretch Exercis

Aishwarya Rai's Verve June 2009 Scans

Aishwarya Rai Verve June 2009 ScansAishwarya Rai’s undisputed power cover girl, India’s highest paid, most in-demand actor; international face of the country; recipient of a myriad film awards and the big daddy of them all, a Padma Shri, reminds me of a little girl on a Ferris wheel – spinning ever upwards, almost out of control in the frenzy of her life. Today, she is closeted in her vanity van at N. D. Studio in Karjat with...

Aishwarya Rai Verve June 2009 Scans

Jun 8, 2009

Men's Watches Trends for 2009

As I mentioned before, we'll heard that watch is the single most important accessory for a man. It may appear that many men understand this since almost every guy has a watch on his hand, but for watches to be considered fashion accessory watches must be not only functional but also stylish and "in vogue".So let check out what are the most prominent men's watches trends for 2009.1. Over-sized Big...

Jun 1, 2009

Milk Mask for Dry Skin

This recipe makes a mask for twoIngredients: * 1 tsp powdered milk* 1 tbsp runny honey* 1 tsp aloe vera gel* 2 drops essential oilPreparation:This is a classic milk mask for the face. Mix ingredients well, apply to face, let sit for 15 minutes, wash off with warm water. This recipe is enough for two. (Note: The original recipe called for 1 tbsp pulverized almonds, but I have removed it from the ingredients...

Samsung S8300 Ultra Touch

The Samsung S8300 has been featured in the past already albeit in the leaked fashion way, but it seems that the #2 mobile phone manufacturer in the world is now ready unveil it to the public.Samsung has officially announced that they will debut the Samsung S8300 Ultra Touch at the Mobile World Congress this month. If you may recall, the S8300 was reported to come equipped with a 2.8-inch AMOLED touchscreen...

Watch The Portal Movie Online

Investigators pursuing a bizarre hemorrhagic illness are lead to a strange black painting that they discover is a portal to another dimensi...

Barbara Brings Havoc- Is All Well With Hrithik & Suzanne | Inside Story

The hottest gossip in the B town is the most controversial link up of Super hero Hrithik Roshan with the Brazilian Bomb Barbara Mori. The initial break through to the link up started with the much hipped lip locking scene of Hrithik and Barbara in their upcoming movie Kites.The bold statements made by Barbara about the passionate kiss with Hrithik added more flame to the smoke.The fact that made...

Meditation - Your Mental Exercise

What is Meditation?Well meditation is a form of mental exercise in which a person will focus there attention on a sound, a chanted word, an object, a visualization or there own breath or movement (such as in Tai Chi and yoga ). This is done in order to reduce stress, improve concentration, promote relaxation and enhance your own personal and spiritual growth.Types of MeditationThere is another common...

Easy Mango Salsa

I love unique salsa…but who has time to make it from scratch? That’s why this recipe is so easy. With very little effort, you can create a salsa that no one will know started with your favorite prepared tomato salsa. Enjoy this summer twist on the most popular topping or dip.Makes about 1 1/2 cupsYou will need:3/4 cup prepared tomato salsa1 large ripe mango, peeled and diced2 tablespoons fresh lime...

Indian Celebs Mobile Wallpapers


Beautiful Bliss Mobile Theme

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Bridal Hairstyles for Women - Wedding Haircuts 2009

Having the best haircut for their wedding is very important for any bride. Bridal hairstyles are beautiful,elegant and good looking. One of these hairstyles with appropriate jewels and make-up makes you look gorgeous. Add some hair accessories to your hair and its enough to make you look great.Here are some of the popular wedding hairstyl...

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